Collaborative Pinterest Board Guidelines

Collaborative Pinterest Board GuidelinesFirst things first. Why should you join a collaborative Pinterest board? Well, because it gets your pins to a much larger audience than just your own! I think that’s enough said already. :)

I would love to have you join my own Creative Biz Tips collaborative Pinterest board, but to keep up with branding and Pinterest optimization, there are a few guidelines.

1. You may only pin one of your own posts each day. Of course collaborative Pinterest boards are about self-promotion, but I don’t want it to be all self-promotion. Pinterest is also a place to curate. So let’s pin other peoples’ awesome posts, too!

2. Pin with discretion. Make sure that each of your pins is visually appealing and makes people want to repin/click them. I’m very serious about this–if I see a pin that just doesn’t look good, I’m going to delete it.

3. Do not pin something multiple times. Obviously with several people pinning, sometimes things can get pinned more than once without anyone knowing. That’s fine. Do not purposefully pin something to the board multiple times just to get more attention to it. I will delete multiple pins.

But all in all, we just want to connect with other blogger and business owners, share peoples’ posts, and get our own stuff out there in front of other beautiful eyes. So please email me if you are interested in joining!

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  • Destiny December 14, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Hey there!
    I came across your board, Creative Biz Tips on Pinterest and wanted to request to be a contributor.
    My Pinterest URL is:
    My Pinterest email is:
    Chat soon,

  • Nicole November 5, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    I would love to join your group board. My pinterest name is Elevenly Studio Co.

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